New York City Shopping Haul

Helloooooo from Pennsylvania! If you missed my minor update, I'm out at college now and I'm officially blogging from the Lehigh Valley. I want to start recapping my vacation from the last week and a half on the East Coast, so today I'm sharing what I bought in New York City with my Dad. His graduation gift to me was shopping for school in the city, so that's exactly what we did, and I am so excited about all of the goodies we found! (As a disclaimer, this was a requested post and something I wanted to share! I'm not trying to brag in any way, I just thought it'd be fun to show some of my purchases).

Because my bag was lost (honestly, stupidest thing ever. They made me gate check it and literally forgot to put it on the plane), I arrived in New York Thursday night in a sweater when it was 95 degrees out. We were staying at my aunt's on the Upper East Side, so when we woke up on Friday we booked it to Madewell where I got this tee to slip into and picked up this shirt. We really had no idea at that point when my bag would arrive, so we played it safe and continued down Madison Avenue for more shopping. My dad and I both got a few things at Lululemon, which I always get excited about because I basically live in Lulu shorts. We continued into the Barbour where I was so excited to get the Beadnell classic wax jacket and the matching vest as a liner. This jacket was pretty expensive so my dad and I agreed it would be a birthday present; perfect timing that my birthday was on Saturday!

That same night, we ventured into Bloomingdales where I purchased this Free People jacket in navy (not pictured above) for going out at school once it starts to get chilly outside, these shoes that I love, also for going out, and this really cute Free People dress (not pictured above).

On Saturday, my dad and I headed down to Soho for breakfast and more shopping at J. Crew, Club Monaco, and Zara. Club Monaco was having an amazing sale, so I tried on a few things, but I didn't fall in love with anything! I picked up a few tops at J. Crew and then a top and sweater from Zara, but I had trouble finding those online. Overall it was a pretty successful trip in my opinion so I'm so grateful my dad was a good sport for the weekend and I was able to snag a few new things for school!!

I can't believe I move in tomorrow, ahhh!


Leaving for College + Lilly Sale Picks

After missing my flight on Sunday afternoon from Maine, I boarded a plane and a bus yesterday and managed to make it home around 11 AM in the morning. Of course, having 24 hours to pack for school was incredibly stressful (did you see my Snapchat stories @ franacciardo ?!), but my trip was amazing. Despite being a little bit of a travel disaster both going out (losing my bag) and, as mentioned, returning, it really was an incredible ten days. Hopefully today as I embark on my college journey,I'll be off to a good start at the airport and  all of the travel troubles will be out of my system.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to grab brunch with all of my friends that are still in town, and it was wonderful to have just one more chance to say goodbye. Jack is driving my mom and I to the airport tonight, so I've already said goodbye to my dog who is staying with some other pooches for the next couple of days, and at the airport I'll say my final goodbyes to Jack. Going to college has been such a long time coming, obviously, so it's pretty crazy that it's actually here. I've been excited, nervous, scared, anxious, indifferent, and more, all in the last couple of weeks, so I think overall I'm just going to try to keep open-minded and experience the whole thing as it comes!

On a brighter note, literally, the Lilly Pulitzer sale started yesterday and ends today! Lilly only has sales twice a year and the prices are really the best you can find. Shop below some of my favorite picks from the sale:

Did you snag anything for a good deal? Wish me luck as I fly to school!! I move in on Thursday so I have all day tomorrow to pick up some last-minute things and then I'm in for the weekend!!!

Also, don't miss my fringe earrings giveaway going on HERE!



Tassel Earrings + Giveaway

Tassel Earrings c/o (20% off with code BLONDEPREP20)
Shirt // Shorts (similar) // Sandals (similar) // Wristlet // Chan Luu Beaded Bracelet

I used to never accessorize. It's funny to look back at my middle school days and remember when my jewelry collection consisted of maybe three bracelets, and possibly nothing else.The two rings I wear everyday (that you see in every outfit post) are to this day the only rings I own and wear, and I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 12! However, in the past couple of years I have grown more comfortable with wearing fun jewelry and making my accessories the focal point of some of my outfits. I tend to stick to simpler clothing pieces, so I love fun earrings like this tassel pair to make my outfit stand out and add a fun touch.

You can score 20% off of my earrings, which also come in black, with the code BLONDEPREP20!! Or, enter the giveaway below to win this very similar pair!

Good luck!


This Week's Top 10

1. It's hard to believe I've been out east for a week already, but I've been having the best time. Hopefully you're keeping up with me on Insta (@theblondeprep) and Snapchat (@franacciardo)!

2. On a similar note, I turn 18 tomorrow! How crazy?!

3. I'm thinking for my birthday we will do a clambake on the ocean here in Maine, but if I were doing something with my friends then I would definitely want to be wearing one of these dresses: tassel dress // one shoulder // off shoulder // pleated dress (they're all on sale!!)

5. I got a Barbour last weekend in New York (!!!) and I couldn't be more excited about it.

6. That said, are you guys interested in a New York shopping haul?

7. I love the feeling of a new Pinterest board, so I created this one and this one the other day!! (What are everyone's thoughts on the new website design on Pinterest too?)

8. Does anyone know the name of this Essie nail polish shade? I really want to try it!

9. J. Crew is having 25% off a bunch of great styles right now, including this cute top and everyone's favorite 3 inch chino shorts for just $20-30!!

10. Less than one week until I move into my dorm!! This weekend will be crazy but I'm excited to fly to school on Tuesday!



3 Ingredient Chipotle Roasted Cauliflower

Ever since spring break in New Orleans, if something has chipotle on the menu, I want it. If it's spicy, I want it. And if it's spicy and doubles as healthy, it's like crack to me. I whipped up this random and extremely easy roasted chipotle cauliflower recipe, and I've been hooked ever since.

All you need is...

A head of cauliflower cut into bite sized pieces
Chipotle hot sauce
Garlic olive oil (or olive oil and some garlic salt)
A dash of Cajun seasoning (optional)
Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Preheat your oven to 400
2. Cut up your cauliflower and toss with chipotle hot sauce
3. Drizzle on garlic olive oil and toss until the cauliflower is completely coated in oil/sauce. I added a dash of cajun seasoning for a little extra kick!
4. Roast for 25-30 minutes, or until cauliflower is crispy on the edges, but soft and a little brown.
5. Salt and pepper to taste

The cauliflower is so easy, and works for dinner or a side! Just a note: I added almost a 1/3 of the bottle of Chipotle sauce, and used a head of a whole head of cauliflower. The cauliflower had a lot of spice and flavor, so in this case, less is more! It won't look too chipotle-ish, but I promise you'll still taste it!!

Let me know if you try this recipe and what you think!