Hello, October + Weekend Sales

Oh hey there, October!

You should see (and shop!) all of the sales going on this weekend...

Madewell: 20% off $100+ or 30% pf $200+ // Use code: GOODBUY
Gap: Up to 40% off everything, + 25% off // Use code: EVENT
Anthropologie: 30% off sale
Loft: 40% off everything
J. Crew Factory: Buy one, get one 50% off // Use code: SWEETDEAL

A few of my faves...

Have a great weekend :)


This Week's Top 10

1. My roommate is visiting her boyfriend at school this weekend, and as much as I love her (seriously, we're best friends!), I'm kind of excited to have a room to myself for the weekend!!

2. I discovered a new-to-me "college blog" this week that has a ton of really helpful articles and gives great advice and tips. I really liked "four simple steps to doing college right"

3. On a similar note, I had my first midterm this week! I know I really overdramatized it with the Insta post and all of the Snapchats, so thanks to everyone who wished me luck. I think it went okay! Only two more this coming week and then my first set of college midterms will come to a close... yay!!

4. I had a super fun time this week hanging out with a reader, hopefully you saw my latest outfit post (and new fall transition outfit uniform!) right here.

5. Fall style really can't be beat. It's the best, and Blair Eadie and Barbour are quite the dynamic duo.

6. Speaking of, my Barbour is pretty much going to be my best friend this season.

7. I was a little surprised to see the off shoulder trend continuing into cold-weather wear!! How do we feel about this off-shoulder sweater?

8. Don't miss 40% off at Loft! 

9. One week until parents weekend!! I'm going to spend this weekend studying and preparing to knocking out my exams so I can get excited for a fun weekend next weekend!

10. So, tomorrow is October 1st. Wait, what?



Finding Confidence Among Uncertainty

Today is my first college exam (shoutout to Econ 1) and in the process of studying for this horrendous seven chapter situation from hell, I'd like to quickly say that despite whatever my teacher says, this is not considered a quiz for normal people.

That's the thing about college. Everything is different... School is different, friendships are different, life is overall just different from how it is in high school. The only thing that makes being successful at the transition from high school to college is feeling confident and capable and making the most out of even extremely uncertain situations. Ever since I've been at school, I feel like my first reaction to everything has been to question if I'm doing something right, saying the right thing, wearing the right thing, etc. All this week I've been questioning if I'm studying the right way or studying the right material. At the end of the day, worrying about if I'm doing it all wrong would just be a waste of my time; being confident that I'm preparing myself in the best way possible, being confident that I'm doing okay at the college thing in general is what gets me through. 

When you're worried, you're focused on the future. When you're complacent and accepting of what you're doing and how you're doing it, you're focused on the present.

Focus on the present. Live in the moment. Feel confident in the decisions you make, and if that's not possible, make adjustments so you can reach that point. Feeling confident doesn't have to result from certainty that you're right, it just means faking it until you make it, or until you're at least comfortable with where you're at. The thing is, no one is perfect and there isn't one right way to do things. There definitely isn't an easy way to succeed when you're too worried about failing because making those mistakes and not being afraid to fail is how you ultimately finding the solution to uncertainty. 

The answers to questions reveal themselves in strange ways. It sounds backwards, but it makes sense.  It's like Ben Franklin figuring out the lightbulb! Try and try and try until you get it right, no matter how long or how many tries it takes to get somewhere. Never lose sight or lose confidence in yourself and the belief that eventually, you'll hit the point of success.

Fake it until you make it, be confident even when you're unsure of yourself, and good luck to everyone taking midterms!


Transitioning to Fall

Sweater c/o // Bangle c/o // Clutch c/o
Jeans (similar) // Booties (similar)

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know I had the pleasure of spending a couple hours yesterday with one of my readers chatting over tea and scones and shooting a couple of outfits together! She had emailed me a few weeks ago offering to shoot after I'd posted bout looking for a photographer, and I'm so glad we arranged a time to meet up. Getting to know you guys, form new friendships, and just connecting with readers and other girls (and sometimes guys!) with similar interests has definitely proven to be one of the most rewarding parts of blogging for me.

We wandered around downtown Bethlehem, the city that Lehigh is in, and had delicious tea, split a scone and a giant white chocolate pistachio (!!!) cookie, and got to know each other while simultaneously I got to learn a little more about my new city! I wore my new favorite sweater, courtesy of Southern Proper, that is seriously perfect for the current transition weather. Yesterday was super overcast so there was a bit of a breeze, but it wasn't exactly cold out. The thick material combined with short sleeves was the ideal amount of warmth! The cross-over back really makes the piece, though. I love details like that! Paired with my new favorite gold bangle and the most versatile clutch in my wardrobe, this easy transition outfit is definitely going to be a go-to for me. 

A note on the clutch: I'm actually obsessed with how high quality and versatile this piece is. I'd never been a huge clutch person, but the size of this baby is big enough to stash my wallet, phone, even a baseball cap and still room for lip gloss and a compact. And as for my gold bangle, Pieces of Me is the coolest company that makes bangles based off of personality traits, and they were so nice to feature my story on their blog! You can read it right here :)

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


Recipes to Try this Fall

If there's one thing I hate about the dining hall set-up of college, it's that I really miss cooking and choosing what I want to eat. Don't get me wrong, the choices are almost infinite in the dining hall, but it's not always what I really am in the mood for, or as satisfying as I'd like it to be. 

I've been pinning a ton on my Pinterest lately and some of the recipes I've come across seriously make my mouth water!!! I miss delicious, high quality, real food so much! Consider this my fall wish-list, food edition ;)